How has the Wholesale Industry evolved during the pandemic?

A shifted focus on direct-to-consumer orders

As expected, with widespread closures, most wholesalers and foodservice distributors saw their customer base diminish very quickly. This lead to businesses expanding their reach to new customers — whether that be direct to rural or local communities through an online ordering system or van sales to those businesses that remained open. “Without walk-in customers, chefs in many restaurants and takeaways have turned their full attention to fulfilling delivery orders”. (retailanalysis.igd)

The World Wide Web — Reaching new customers

Delivery Systems and the importance of an online presence are nothing new. However, the wholesale industry has, for decades, continued a similar function, which has not included a big reliance on the Internet-of-things.

D2C Business transitions

Supporting key workers

Along with a focus shifting towards e-commerce and direct-to-consumer deliveries, wholesalers and foodservice distributors have priroritised key workers and institutions, helping those on the front line have access to the resources they need.

Keeping workers safe

Having to balance the necessity of continued service with the need to keep workers and customers safe, almost all distributors have made contactless deliveries a mandatory part of every order.

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